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An innovative e-shop tailored to your business’ needs in the online world. We have been operating in the world of e-shop development for 11 years. During this time, we have found that most clients look for bespoke solutions because they want to differentiate themselves from the competition or simply because the online world is constantly evolving and a source of success.

Vizion Shop is a secure and reliable solution built on efficient options for e-shop administration with a high degree of flexibility and the ability to scale up the system. It is a timeless, stable e-shop solution that is regularly improved. A great advantage is that you can have your own e-shop with custom graphic design in a very short time. All the technologies we use in development are easy to deploy on most hosting providers. Vizion shop uses the most widely used programming language in the world, complemented by the Laravel framework, so you will never be left in a pinch even if a new programmer takes over your e-shop in the future. During the actual development we think about your business and that is why SEO is a priority for us.


Unique design which is custom-made based on your preferences and the area of your business.


Highly reliable content management system allowing you to actively scale up the system.


Intuitive user interface and site management on all devices.

What do you get with our Vizion Shop?

Customized design

When you opt for a bespoke e-shop, go for a design tailored to your requirements according to the design manual, latest UX trends and graphic elements. How to find the right way? We always leave room for two rounds of comments on the design, where we fine-tune the details together.


A high level of flexibility means that your e-shop will always stay on track. An intuitive CMS solution can be expanded with additional features at any time as required. Our e-shops are created based on the latest UX trends. They are characterized by quick insertion of texts, images, tables, links, videos, etc. using a WYSIWYG editor, which is similar to MS Word.



Let’s not forget SEO here... E-shops are indexed and visible to Google from the very beginning. When we create an e-shop, we use keyword analysis and the development is consulted with an SEO specialist, who audits the e-shop and provides SEO inputs (technical or content suggestions).


We also focus on high security and reliability of your e-shop. With a customized solution, the security risk is much lower, since much fewer open-source codes are used (in any case, it is still important not to neglect updates and to monitor the situation to see if new vulnerabilities have emerged).


The loading speed of e-shop pages may vary according to their function. However, the main goal is always a short first server response and fast loading of products for product pages within a category.

With a virtual server, the loading time can be even faster than with a standard shared hosting (a choice made according to the requirements of a particular e-shop). However, a frequent factor that plays a role in the speed of the website is sometimes the client himself, or the e-shop administrator, who uploads various links or images to the site and can therefore directly affect the speed of loading subpages and the performance of the system.

You can have a full-fledged e-shop in about 3 months – of course, depending on the complexity, the number of features and your cooperation in commenting or delivering materials.

Even before the final go-live of the finished e-shop, we test everything together, then write a manual on how to use the CMS and also provide training, if necessary. If any technical bugs arise after the e-shop is handed over, Vizion will resolve the issues without any additional cost so that you can go on with your business without any problems.

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