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Introducing our SLA!

A successful project doesn't end with the launch, but no worries. While you can focus on your business, we will take care of the regular care, support and improvements of your project on a monthly basis.

Since we want to keep the activity and response time of the services up and running, we have prepared an SLA (Service Level Agreement) option on a monthly basis, which is especially handy if you need to address your requirements. In order to tailor our SLA to your needs as much as possible, we have created a standard SLA package for any website or e-shop, and a superior SLA package with more services for more demanding e-shops. We can also easily customize the services according to the extent to which they are needed in your case.


Regular monthly care


11 years of development and maintenance experience


Quick incorporation of modifications and fixing bugs


Constant flow of suggestions for possible improvements

Standard SLA Superior SLA
Technical support and maintenance services for administration systems and websites
Advice and consultation
Suggestions for improvements
Regular system updates
Long-term management of selected web content 10 hours/year
GDPR issues (cookies...)
Performance optimization and project quality improvement
Data analysis from statistical tools and recommendations
Project work reports – with specifications
Export for price comparison websites
Help with importing translated texts for foreign language versions