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Complete e-shop for your business in the online world

If you are thinking about digitizing your business and have gotten this far, you are at the right place. We have been operating in the world of e-commerce and web development for 11 years. During this time, we've found that most clients require tailor-made solutions, either because they want to differentiate themselves from existing competition or simply because online business is constantly advancing and there is still room for improvement.

Vizion Shop is a secure and reliable solution based on efficient options for the administration of e-shops with a high degree of flexibility and the possibility of any system extension. It is a timeless, stable e-shop solution, which we regularly improve. The big advantage is that the e-shop with a custom-made graphic design can be yours in a very short time. All the technologies we use in development are easy to deploy on most hosting providers. In addition to creating e-shops, we also provide marketing services and create marketing strategies, and therefore during the development itself, we think about your business from this point of view. Digitize your business with a reliable partner, digitize your business with us.

Main functions
of Vizion Shop

Custom graphic design

Custom graphic design

The graphics design of your new e-shop will adapt to your preferences

You will be involved in the whole design process of all types of subpages.

E-shop in 1 month

E-shop in 1 month

Basic e-shop

Standard functional e-shop in just 1 month, it includes editing products, categories, basic filtering, editing pages and much more

Connection to the information system

Connection to the information system

E3M, ESO & others

The e-shop can be connected to any information system that you already use or want to use in the company.

Connecting your e-shop with any accounting system

Connecting your e-shop with any accounting system

Any accounting system

Whether you use Superfaktúra, iDoklad, Pohoda, Omega, Money S or another accounting system, your new e-shop can be connected to this system quickly and easily.

Linking the e-shop to the supplier

Linking the e-shop to the supplier

Does your supplier offer products in the form of an XML or CSV file?

The e-shop can be connected to your supplier and thus update prices, pieces of goods, or new products according to the current state of the supplier.

graphic design

Trendy fully responsive design according to your preferences in accordance with our ideas and experiences.

When creating, we place great emphasis on UX / UI standards of use. Before the design itself, we will create wireframes, which serve as a display of individual elements of the web structure. The design of wireframes is based on keyword analysis and specification of the target group and the market itself.

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Fast and reliable

with connection to information systems

Comprehensive content management, high speed and ease of editing products, categories, tables, files and texts. Possibility of any system expansion, high degree of flexibility according to the area of ​​business. Fast process of connection to information systems such as IS Etrim, ESO, accounting systems Pohoda, Superfaktúra, iDoklad, Omega and other systems without restrictions.

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E-shop in
1 month

The content management system of the Vizion Shop has a fast reaction time, is highly reliable and allows any expansion of the system. Editing control is intuitive in the user interface and allows web administration on all devices and browsers.

You can have a fully functional custom e-shop ready within one month of ordering. It all depends on your ideas and requirements. Together we will agree on a time schedule with specific steps that we will follow, so you will have an overview of the gradual development of your e-shop.

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