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E-shop with a traditional atmosphere

Our task was to create an e-shop with furniture that will confirm the visitors in the honesty of the craft and the hard work of the maker of massive furniture branded Tellus.

We can say that it´s pulling a gun every minute. In this sense, we cooperate with a client who had a very clear idea of how the e-shop should work and look. The client provided the content and our task was to cut into web masterpiece from the provided information, which the customers will appreciate when they will shopping the massive furniture.

Strong roots of tradition

The family tradition of honest production of massive furniture with Slovak origin is a key message that we try to presented by graphic and verbal features.

The main focus of the manufacturer's sales is a primary massive beds, but in the e-shop you will also find massive furniture, furnishing accessories, stairs and other massive products. Navigation is intuitive and the shopping process is designed with a continual style.

tellus insight website
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