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Web users love findable, accesible, credible and useful websites. New website of WELTEN GOLF CLUB consists of image, identity, brand, and others design elements which are used to evoke appreciation.

Our work started by redesigning of old logo. We made fresh and handsome guy from that old one.

WELTEN GOLF CLUB may starts new season with cool website focused on ensuring an aesthetically pleasing interface. Elements placed on website are easy to accesss, understand and use.

During the development we played minigolf

5 times


Vizion, s.r.o.

Kapitulská 6
Trnava, 917 01
IČO: 45 909 750
DIČ: 2023146752
IČ DPH: SK2023146752
SEPA: SK9102000000002850771855


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